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When is the Best Time to Buy a New Car or Truck?

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Many new car shoppers don’t realize that there are good times and a not so good times to buy a new vehicle. If you are shopping for a new car or truck you have probably already found a St. Louis car dealer that has a large inventory, affordable prices and any auto financing options you are going to need. Most new car buyers do some significant pre-shopping online and then head out to dealership for a test drive. Therefore, if you are not in a pinch to buy a new car, you could save a significant amount of money by simply waiting to shop until the time is right.

Best Time to Buy a New Car or Truck

Chevy car and truck shoppers who want to get the very best price on a new car can find them during the fall and winter months. This is when dealers and manufacturers offer the greatest discounts. Current year models that are about to be replaced by upcoming new models are usually offered with low APR rates and factory incentives during these months as dealers want make room for new inventory. If you have your sites set on a very specific new car model in a particular color or trim level, shopping earlier in the fall is often better than waiting till the end of the year. Waiting until the last few weeks of the year when dealerships may be out of stock, could mean that your favorite vehicle is no longer available.

Holiday Weekends & Black Friday

Holiday events offered throughout the year can offer significant savings on new cars and trucks. Labor Day, Memorial Day and Independence Day weekends can all be excellent times to find great deals on new vehicles. Of course the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, offers excellent opportunities for savings. According to Consumer Reports, shoppers can save thousands of dollars on a new car when buying on Black Friday.

Dealer or Factory Rebate Opportunities

When dealerships have an overstocked selection of a specific new model they could be motivated to offer rebates at various times throughout the year. Auto manufacturers will also offer rebates to help dealers move out the old models and bring in the new. When such rebates are offered they are sometimes combined with extra incentives such bonus cash or customer loyalty rebates that can be combined to help customers save big bucks on new cars.

End of the Day, Month and Quarter

Car dealers have quotas to meet and are rewarded with bonuses when sales expectations are met. Sales quotas are measured daily, weekly, monthly and/or quarterly so most dealers are more willing to cut a deal if their quotas have not yet been met by the end of a specific time period. By waiting until the end of the day or the last day of the month to visit a car dealership your chances of securing a great deal increase significantly. Furthermore, by shopping during the quarter end months of March, June, September or December, new car buyers might also find that dealers are willing to reduce prices a bit more in order to hit their quarterly sales criteria.

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