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Chevrolet Service & Maintenance Tips

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Spring is the perfect time to get your Chevrolet car or truck ready for upcoming road trips and the warm summer months ahead. Every year AAA Roadside Service requests increase during the summer months. AAA anticipates thousands of drivers will be stranded with vehicle breakdowns this summer many of which could be avoided with proper car maintenance.

Our Chevy service technicians are available to give your vehicle a complete inspection, identify potential problem areas and get your vehicle running its very best. Here is a list of basic maintenance procedures that will get your car, van or SUV in tip top shape for the Spring and Summer driving season.

  • Get a Tune-up – A complete tune-up will help your engine deliver the best fuel economy, reduce emissions and distribute the best balance of power.
  • Check Fluids – Engine oil, power steering, brake and transmission fluids as well as antifreeze, coolant and windshield washer solvents should be checked and filled to recommended levels.
  • Battery Inspection/Replacement – Depending on the age of your battery and the weather conditions you drive in it could be time to replace your battery. A certified technician can test the strength of your battery and if necessary replace it.
  • Tire Inspection – If bald spots, bulges or severely worn tread is apparent new tires are in order. Uneven tread wear can also indicate a need for wheel alignment. Tire pressure should match the factory guidelines for the best performance and to increase gas mileage.
  • Hose and Belt Inspection/Replacement – Any hoses and belts that are cracked, brittle, frayed or loose should be replaced.
  • Check Air Conditioning, Heating & Ventilation – No one wants to sit in a car with broken air conditioning in 100 degree weather and a functioning heater will be appreciated on late night or early morning drives. Air and heating system inspection and/or repair will ensure a comfortable driving experience.
  • Check Windshield Wipers & Lighting – Although the rainy season is coming to an end, it is still important to have efficient wiper blades in place for use on foggy or damp mornings. All exterior and interior lights should also be checked so that you can see clearly and clearly be seen.

The Weber Chevrolet Service Center near St. Louis, MO offers all of the maintenance services needed for a proper spring check-up. We have frequent auto service and maintenance specials for oil changes, brake inspections and more. So why not stop by, meet the team and get your Chevy road ready for Spring and Summer?