Compare the Chevrolet Traverse to the Nissan Pathfinder

2017 Chevy Traverse 2017 Nissan Pathfinder
MSRP: $28,700 MSRP: $30,290
MPG: Up To 15 City / 22 Highway MPG: Up to 20 City / 27 Highway
0-60: 6.8 seconds 0-60: 7.4 sec

3 yr/36,000 mi basic, 5 yr/60,000 mi powertrain


3 yr/36,000 mi basic, 5 yr/60,000 mi powertrain

Fuel Economy

It may seem that the Pathfinder has better Fuel Economy than the Traverse because of its 3 more city and 3 highway miles per gallon, but the Traverse’s fuel capacity says otherwise.  The Traverse has 2.5 gallons more fuel capacity than the Pathfinder (22 vs. 19.5 gallons), for longer range between fill-ups.  Here at Chevy, we believe that you should be spending more time driving your car than filling it up and the Traverse’s superior fuel capacity will help you do so.


Vehicle Safety

The Traverse offers an optional front seat center airbag, which deploys between the driver and front passenger, protecting them from injuries caused by striking each other in serious side impacts. The Pathfinder doesn’t offer front seat center airbags.

The Traverse has a standard collision warning system, which detects an impending crash through forward mounted sensors and flashes a bright light and sounds a loud, distinctive tone to warn the driver to brake or maneuver immediately to avoid a collision. The Pathfinder doesn’t offer a collision warning system.

The Chevrolet Traverse has Daytime Running Lights to help keep it more visible under all conditions. Canadian government studies show that driving with lights during the day reduces accidents by 11% by making vehicles more conspicuous. The Pathfinder doesn’t offer Daytime Running Lights.

The Traverse’s lane departure warning system alerts a temporarily inattentive driver when the vehicle begins to leave its lane. The Pathfinder doesn’t offer a lane departure warning system.

The Traverse has standard OnStar®, which uses a global positioning satellite (GPS) receiver and a cellular system to get turn-by-turn driving directions, remotely unlock your doors if you lock your keys in, help track down your vehicle if it’s stolen or send emergency personnel to the scene if any airbags deploy. The Pathfinder doesn’t offer a GPS response system, only a navigation computer with no live response for emergencies, so if you’re involved in an accident and you’re incapacitated help may not come as quickly.

Both the Traverse and the Pathfinder have standard driver and passenger frontal airbags, front side-impact airbags, side-impact head airbags, front seatbelt pretensioners, front wheel drive, height adjustable front shoulder belts, plastic fuel tanks, four-wheel antilock brakes, traction control, electronic stability systems to prevent skidding, available all wheel drive, blind spot warning systems, rear parking sensors and rear cross-path warning.


Warranty Coverage

As is typical for all Chevy and Nissan cars, both the Traverse and the Journey feature 3-year/36,000-mile Bumper-to-Bumper Limited warranties.  They both also have PowerTrain warranties of 5-year/60,000 miles.  In these respects, Chevy and Nissan seem to offer the same warranty programs.  This, however, isn’t the case.  Chevy offers two unique warranties not offered by Nissan.

One of these unique warranties is that the Chevy Traverse features an exceptional Roadside Assistance Programs. This features the following services:

<> > Lockout Service – you will be assisted when you accidentally lock your keys inside the vehicle.

<> > Flat Tire Change – a spare will be installed for you.

<> > Fuel Delivery – If you run out of gas, $5 worth of fuel will be brought to you to get you back on the road.

<> > Emergency Towing – your car will be towed to your nearest dealer.

<> > Jump-Starts – you will be assisted if you need your car jump-started.

Since Nissan does not offer the Roadside Assistance Program, if you accidentally lock your keys out of your car, run out of gas, get a flat tire, or need jump-starts or emergency towing for your car, you’re out of luck.  The Chevy Traverse also features a 2-year/24,000 mile scheduled maintenance warranty.  You may be wondering what exactly that means.  For 2 years or 24,000 miles (whichever one comes first), Chevrolet will pay for oil changes, lubrication and any other required maintenance on your car.  This warranty literally shows how Chevy is willing to go that extra mile.  24,000 miles to be exact!



With its excellent warranty coverage, vehicle safety, and fuel capacity, the 2017 Chevy Traverse is a better choice than the Nissan Pathfinder for vehicle reliability and driver safety.

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